We are leaders in all facets of oil and gas surveys.
We reduce industry operation idle time and provide expedited turnaround times for our partners.


We perform the following surveying services: Well Stakes, Pipelines, Production Sites, BLM/BIA, River Surveys, Utility/Power Lines, Alternative Energy, Cell Towers, ALTA, Topography and Boundary Staking.

Drafting services are as follows: Well Stake Packages for Permitting, Pipeline Packages with Alignment Sheets, Highway/Road/Creek Bores and Landowner Exhibits, GIS and Mapping.

All Services include the plats needed for permitting with the governing authority.


  • Well Stake Packages
  • Pipelines
  • Production Sites
  • BLM / BIA
  • River Surveys
  • Utility / Power Line Surveys
  • Alternative Energy
  • ALTA
  • Cell Towers
  • Boundary
  • Mapping / GIS

Well Stake Packages

Wells, pads, pits, lease roads, face ponds, and the like are expertly staked by our highly skilled surveying crews who are trained to identify possible site hazards such as buried pipelines, power lines, creeks, drains, and other potentially hazardous obstacles that may obstruct construction.

Services Provided: Well Stakes, Pad Layout and Design, Cut/Fill Plats and Road Leasing


We understand how important our partner's time and budget is to them. Our highly skilled crews make sure to notate everything they encounter on the ground while ensuring accuracy in right-of-way placement on landowner property. Notations include but are not limited to: fence crossings, pipeline crossings, power lines, building structures, highway and county road profiles, river and creek profiles, and terrain. Accurate notation allows our partners to obtain construction bids from well-informed vendors, with no surprise extra construction costs.

Services Provided: Preliminary Pipeline Staking, As-built Pipelines and DOT Pipelines (including weld maps and GIS data)

Production Sites

On occasion, the need to provide immediate relief to a gathering system of producing wells reaching capacity is necessary. Planning out a system can take months, but when the need arises, we have a crew of professionals ready to safely and precisely take care of your needs. Whether you need just the four corners of a pad site staked or an entire system laid out to your specifications, we can handle it accurately in a timely manner.

Services Provided: Compressor Pads, Topographic Elevation Design and Site Layouts


Working closely with the Bureau of Land Management and the Bureau of Indian Affairs, we stay up to date with the outlined requirements for obtaining permit approval and conducting environmentally responsible oil and gas operations on Federal and American Indian lands.

Our knowledge of BLM and BIA requirements, quick turnaround times, and superior detail provided on our survey plats have made Arkoma Surveying and Mapping a preferred surveyor in our industry. The BLM and BIA often use our plats as examples for other firms.

Services Provided: Well Stakes, Pipelines, Road Leasing, Plats need to Permit (including Federal or State Land, Native American Lands and/or Minerals)

River Surveys

Rivers are indefinite boundaries that govern many of our state, county and private lands by the water that flows through them. These indefinite boundaries are constantly shifting and reshaping these boundaries. This causes many river surveys to be outdated and makes the acreage from bordering tracts that are recorded in many county courthouses to be inaccurate and sometimes extinct.

Services Provided: We work directly with the BLM to define current acreage on boundary lines that are constantly shifting along these indefinite boundaries.

Utility / Power Line Surveys

Providing power to the ever extending areas of a city and rural community requires the need to distribute and expand utilities to these growing areas. We have the technology to strategically stake transmission lines and right-of-way. Modern aerial photos and up-to-date terrain maps, coupled with our project planning experience, have empowered us to be a reliable and consistent source for our utility distribution partners as they expand America's infrastructure.

Services Provided: Electric Lines, Transmission Lines and Substations

Alternative Energy

We are excited to partner with the leaders who are advancing alternative energy. Scientific exploration into energy technology and efficiency has resulted in innovations that are reducing our carbon footprint and providing a cleaner future.

Services Provided: Wind Farms and Elevation Surveys


The American Land Title Association (ALTA) has a complex set of survey requirements for issuing title on commercial property. Arkoma Surveying and Mapping is well versed in these requirements and provide the survey product to adequately satisfy your underwriting needs

Cell Towers

Cell towers and wireless communications are vital to our modern way of life. Whether you need an ALTA survey on an existing cell site or plan to construct a new site, we are a trusted source for leasing agents. We provide boundary surveys, stake the location of the tower site and its anchors and provide FAA 1A and FAA 2C certifications when required.


Strictly adhering to the guidelines set forth by state and local governments when establishing boundary lines, we have been licensed to perform certified boundary surveys for Arkansas, Kansas and Oklahoma.

Services Provided: Private Boundaries and Commercial Boundaries

Mapping / GIS

The use of geospatial data in maps and GIS data allows our partners to capture vital company assets. This enables a way to display our partner's operation in a way that allows them to continually analyze and manage their assets.

We can implement a new system catered to your needs using existing and incoming data, or we can supplement your existing mapping/GIS program by providing you with new information from the field in a preferred format to be used by your current system.

Services Provided: Shape Files, KMZs and System Maps